Community Medication Assistance Program

Pro-Med RX's Community Medication Assistance Program (CMAP) was designed to assist large communities with receiving medications at a price that is affordable and with educational seminars. This program is implemented to assist clients with financial strains. Since Pro Med Rx believes in the community that we serve a business model has been applied. Which allows us to interact with clients in the community, and make a difference in the lives of our clients. This model in place will benefit with helping our community grow and prosper. Secondly, it is for Pro Med Rx to serve the client with affordable medication on a continuous basis to our clients. It is our intent to reach as many individuals as we can through organizations that serve the needs of the community: churches, non profit organizations, government initiatives, etc. The process is to educate the patient through mandatory counseling while they receive their medicine at a discounted rate. CMAP will help the uninsured, under insured and clients who need assistance paying for prescriptions. CMAP will also assist all clients needs regardless of their age or income. Please click the button to qualify.

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